avatar for Jose Cordeiro

Jose Cordeiro

HumanityPlus, Millennium Project
avatar for Marsha  Familaro Enright

Marsha Familaro Enright

The Reason, Individualism, Freedom Institute
avatar for Jay Friedenberg

Jay Friedenberg

Manhattan College
Professor of Psychology
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Patrick Gentempo

Action Potential Holdings
Founder and CEO
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Dale Halling

Law Office of Dale B. Halling, PC
Patent Attorney
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Beth Haynes

Executive Director, Benjamin Rush Institute
Engaging Our Future Colleagues
avatar for Stephen Hicks

Stephen Hicks

Rockford University
Professor of Philosophy
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Edward Hudgins

The Atlas Society
Director of Advocacy
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Robert Bradley Jr.

Institute for Energy Research
CEO and Founder
avatar for David Kelley

David Kelley

The Atlas Society
Chief Intellectual Officer
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John Laing

Social Relations of Knowledge Inst
avatar for Mark Michael Lewis

Mark Michael Lewis

Becoming An Ayn Rand Hero
Podcast Host
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Eduardo Marty

FRI: Fundacion para Responsabilidad Intelectual
Founder and President
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Kate McKeon

avatar for Raymond Raad

Raymond Raad

Self - Private Practice
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Kim Sawyer

The Wealth Source, and Enterprise Coaching Group
Principal, Executive and Enterprise Coach
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William Schultz

Minnesota School of Profession Psychology
Doctoral Student
avatar for William R. Thomas

William R. Thomas

The Atlas Society
Director of Programs / CFO
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Unlock Your Wealth TV

Unlock Your Wealth Foundation