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David DeLugas

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Freedom and liberties: parents and their children have the right to be free of intrusions or infringements, either mandates or restrictions, unless the parents are causing actual harm to their children. Our view? Yes, but based soley on the position of the US Supreme Court and its interpretation of the Constitution.

Then, why are parents charged with crimes or with child protective services charges of neglect for encouraging (or allowing) their children to walk home from a nearby park and for taking their children out of school for reasons sufficient for the parents, but deemed "unexcused" by school officials leading to criminal charges? Why are parents replaced by state officials or judges in making medical care decisions for their children? And the list is long.

We protect the right of parents to be "just" adequate parents. No one should tell parents how to raise their own children (with the threat and power of government), except when necessary to protect children from harm (the Constitutional standard).

If your organization is or you are interested in keeping Americans free, please contact us or text me: 404-314-4536.

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